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And pay attention now, because this part is important: link to your landing pages under a top level menu heading. It’s vital that these landing pages be a part of your browsable hierarchy. If they aren’t, they might be labeled by Google as doorway pages. При этом, прежде чем попасть в ячейку, шарик предварительно сталкивается с дефлекторами, делающими его поведение трудно предсказуемым. That being the case, landing pages for a multi-location business with even more service areas can definitely benefit from a solid structure. 7. Location Specific Content You can use testimonials on your landing pages but keep it specific to this location.

When you partner with White Rabbit, our local SEO specialists will handle all of this, ensuring not a single rule is broken or trick is missed. We’ll work relentlessly to bring your business to the top of local searches, winning it a place as a respected leader in the industry. The Google My Business listings are extremely important to local rankings. Link out only where necessary and keep your message focused, singular even.

Why? Because you want your marketing efforts to get the best results. Для этого авторы разработали специальное программное обеспечение, автоматически распознающее результат запуска, что позволило им провести достаточное количество запусков для статистической обработки. Which brings me to our next tip: 2. Unique Content Only Each of your landing pages needs to be unique enough to where you won’t be penalized. These testimonials are a possible exception to the outbound links pitfall I mentioned above. Users, despite being intelligent and otherwise completely ordinary people, can be mighty impatient and easily confused. If they click an ad that says one thing but then are taken to a landing page that says another, they can be put off.

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