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Before passing on, he pleads with the Toa to help a city beneath the sea. Because they were the first ones, they had abilities to channel their innate light powers and transform into Bohrok. All the Toa Mahri then return to Mahri Nui, where the others are introduced to Maxilos. His only chance of survival is if the Toa Nuva recover the legendary Kanohi Ignika, the Mask of Life, to save him. Some other uncommon parts are the yellow 5L axle, the silver chain, the green spike vine, and the bright green technic connector. Then Antroz sprang from the shadows into the cockpit of one of the ships, the Jetrax T6. His mind merged with the ship, allowing him to see through the ship’s sensors.

Swooshable Shadow Trap an okay opponent Cons What’s not to like? Some Matoran, that showed particular promise, were allowed to go to the Artakha refuge and work in the light. They didn’t have the strength to activate the powers that Great Kanohi and Noble Kanohi held, but could sense that power was present if they wore such masks. While they did that, Tahu and Kopaka led their team to the Codrex. The Kingdom short story, unlocked only by uploading the code on the back cover of the Bionicle Legends #10: Swamp of Secrets book, which can only work for a lego club account member.
When the trio arrived at the Codrex, there was a great battle between the Toa and Makuta. Before he leaves, though, Helryx latches her ‘pet’ Kratana onto Takanuva’s Kanohi so he can learn of the past. Angered, Lewa comments on how each of the other Toa Mata are doing, then realizes that they can work together.

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