Benq fp92e q9c5 схема

benq fp92e q9c5 схема
The problem is have power but no display. Resolder all the high voltage transformer pins and replace the components above and I’m sure you will bring back the life of this BenQ 17″ LCD Monitor. You may go to this fairchild semiconductor website to download the spec of the FQU11P06 P-channel FET. Likes(11)Dislikes(4).

For your information, if you can’t get the FQU11p06 you can always use FU9024N as a replacement. Home > Electronic Repair > Repairing BenQ 17″ LCD Monitor I came across a common fault problem in BenQ 17″ LCD Monitor. Once you has opened the LCD cover, check the pico fuse for open circuit (very common), the push pull transistors C5707 for short circuit and the Buck royer circuit p-channel fet FQU11P06 also for short circuit too. FAQs Find answers to frequently asked questions and support about your product!

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