Схема подключения пионер 5400

The second Pioneer feature is the Digital Direct Decoder Type III. It takes the output from the ARTS IF circuitry and converts it into digital form before directly turning it into stereo analog signals. The F-90 was possibly the first tuner ever to feature this. При этом Вам могут понадобиться кабели или переходники, которые не идут в комплекте с техникой.

Поэтому увеличивается потребление тока, а значит, аккумулятор может быстрее разрядиться. Его вполне можно использовать для того, чтобы слушать телевизор через колонки кинотеатра. Вывести звук можно с помощью коаксиального разъема. Он также поддерживает многоканальный звук. Not a very good design based on a very nonlinear control signal being applied to the FETS. This is followed by an older style LPF filter block that is not overshoot compensated. Now you can enjoy both the low distortion of a wide bandpass and the high selectivity of a narrow bandpass. The AM and FM sections have rich audio.
When I first turned on the tuner after the modification, the sound was rather bright and not very pleasant to listen to. I suspected that this might be the classic Black Gate sound, since these caps are notorious for taking a very long time to burn in. Pioneer F-91 (1987, $600, photo, service manual, Audio review) search eBay The F-91 was part of Pioneer’s «Elite» series. It’s quite sensitive and has excellent sound, with particularly superb bass. Our contributor Bill Ammons calls it «a great performer in stock form, both in higher RF and rural environments.» See Bob’s Filter Corner for a description of Bill’s PCB filter mod. That fix has lasted 4 years, and seems to be holding.» See how our panelist Jim thought one F-90 sounded compared to other top tuners on our Shootouts page. None of the preset switches worked because the foam between the button and the switch had degraded over the years into a gummy mess. I snipped some weather sealing into little pieces and got the switches going again.

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